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 Sustainable Agriculture: Systems, Principles and Practices

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What's included?

  • 8 Modules (download the files) - Course duration up to 8-10 hours 
  • 1 test - 60 Questions
  • 1 Online verification session with our team
  • 1 Certification

What will you learn?

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the different sustainable agricultural practices and learn how to  increase your production and resilience through eight comprehensive modules that cover all the essential aspects of the agroecosystem. 

You can start studying at any time and work through the material at your own pace. Test your knowledge and get certified from the most accredited source of sustainable agricultural knowledge.
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What users say about the course

Nice course! Gives a great overview of the different aspects of sustainable agriculture. Highly recommend it.

Aniya P. Richardson - Plant Scientist

What users say about the course

Well organized content. It is the first time I find a course where all the different sustainable agriculture systems are defined and compared. 

Alekey Dronovitch - Farmer

What users say about the course

Very rich course focusing both on the problems but also the solution with different specific examples and strategies. It was very interesting to get to know how sustainability is translated in the agri-food sector

John Harrison - Sustainability advocate and Policy maker 

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Online Course (Free)

The online course content can be accessed for free and covers 8 modules (8-10 hours duration), providing up-to-date information, sustainable methods, examples, best practices, and certification processes. It covers all the essential information related to sustainable agricultural systems, production components such as soil, water, crops, etc., and specific practices that can help you prepare and choose your sustainable production plan. The course aims to help you increase your yields without harming the environment under the pressure of climate change. Please see the detailed course content below.

Online Course and Offline Access (Paid)

For more benefits, choose to obtain the paid version of the course. Through this version, you can access the material online, as well as download it in PDF format for offline use and archive. Create your personal handbook to read it any time you want from all devices. 

Test your knowledge (Paid)

After you complete the course, you can take the exam and test your knowledge obtained from the course: Sustainable Agriculture: Systems, Principles and Practices. The tests consists of 60 multiple choice questions, it has a duration of 30 minutes and you need to score above 70% (42 correct answers) to pass. You have 3 attempts. 

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In order to improve transparency we meet with all the users that have completed the course. After passing the test, feel free to book a short online verification session through Zoom to e-meet. 

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This course is for you...


That are interested in becoming more sustainable and climate resilient, maintaining and increasing their production and profit. 


Interested in enriching and refreshing their academic knowledge and advising more efficiently the farmers to transit to a more sustainable way of production. 


Interested in obtaining a great overview of the aspects of sustainability in agriculture and the specific factors that should be taken into account when forming a production plan for the sector.

Students &
Sustainability enthusiasts

That want to obtain more information on Sustainable Agriculture practices and learn the differences among the numerous sustainable agricultural systems.

Requirements for participants

There are no strict requirements for participants to take the course. However, it is important that all participants have a basic knowledge of agriculture terminology, systems and crops. 
You are advised to study the modules in the order indicated. That will help you understand the olive tree and the factors that affect the yield and quality before moving to product quality standards and market requirements. 

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